Help Colorado Now!


Looking to volunteer to help at-risk individuals across our state get through the COVID-19 crisis.

Help Colorado Now is a leader in supporting the State of Colorado’s COVID-19 volunteer response effort. Through Help Colorado Now, find ways to:

Become a Volunteer:

  • We are specifically seeking people who can share reliable information, provide virtual support, deliver food, medication, and medical supplies, and help with daily tasks for people who live alone.

Find Volunteers for Your Organization:

  • If you are an organization, government agency, or nonprofit that needs volunteer assistance please sign up here. By working together, we can build a cohesive network to make sure no one falls through the cracks at this difficult time.


  • We must make sure we have the resources available to combat this outbreak. If you are unable to volunteer, we greatly appreciate any contribution you can make to the response effort. Every dollar will go to helping your neighbors and saving lives in Colorado.

Donate Supplies:

  • We are soliciting donations for supplies such as: masks, gloves, swabs, cleaning supplies and baby formula. Sign up below to create an account and we will be in touch with you.

Donate Blood:

  • There is an urgent need for blood. If you would like to do something to give back, you are healthy and eligible, please make an appointment at a Vitalant donation center or blood drive near you:
  • Additionally, Garth Englund has donation sites in Fort Collins, as well as Loveland. For more information call (970-495-8965).
  • The Children’s Hospital has requested people to have their call screened before making an appointment (720-777-5398).
  • St. Mary’s Regional Blood Center supplies 19 area hospitals on the Western Slope and can be reached at online at or by phone (970-298-2555).

Join the Innovation Response Team:

  • If you are a private sector company who wants to partner with the Innovation Response Team on acquiring testing, critically constrained medical supplies, technology, or support services for people who are isolated, please click here.

Find Childcare for First Responders:

  • If you’re an emergency first responder or health care worker that needs assistance finding childcare visit the site below.

Find Funding for your Organization:

  • If your organization is in need of emergency funding to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 in Colorado, please click below. Once the application is live, we will contact you.

Visit Help Colorado Now’s website today for more information on these opportunities and resouces.

Website: Help Colorado Now


The following agencies are supporting COVID-19 response and recovery across the State of Colorado. Please consider supporting them directly.
Spark the Change Colorado
American Red Cross
The Salvation Army
Feeding Colorado
Colorado Pet Pantry

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