COVID-19 Blog Series: Article 1; About the Series.


Organizations of all types have been tasked with delivering their services despite the challenges presented by COVID-19. While these challenges have certainly been difficult, there have also been extraordinary levels of support and engagement from volunteers. We have seen volunteers dedicate time to helping their communities and providing organizations a way to move forward.

To support organizations in their quest to fully engage volunteers, Spark the Change Colorado will be putting together a series of blog posts relating to volunteers and COVID-19. The topics will vary each week along with the resources, information, and questions provided. We encourage organizations to respond to the blog (via the Leave a Reply feature) sharing their successes and possible troubles, ultimately becoming a platform for conversation and support.

The blogs will be listed on the Spark the Change Colorado website under the ā€œHelpful Resources during COVID-19ā€ page. Additionally, these will be posted on the Spark the Change Colorado blog.

If you have questions, resources, or would like a specific topic discussed, please email Each Monday, we encourage you to look at the blog and participate.

We hope the blog postings inspire organizations to fully leverage their volunteer talent. COVID-19 has required organizations to adapt and future plans remain difficult to predict. With the help of volunteers, we can get there!

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