COVID-19 Article 2: Volunteer Strategy


Volunteer Strategy

By: Amanda McKee, Spark the Change Colorado

Throughout this difficult and uncertain time, volunteers have played a key role in helping organizations successfully fulfill their mission while supporting the changing needs of their community. The significance of volunteers has become ever so apparent. The Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement does an excellent job describing the importance of volunteers.

The Code begins by noting that “volunteer involvement promotes civic engagement and helps contribute to the quality of life in the community” (pg. 5). Volunteer involvement “builds the capacity of organizations, especially considering the skills, talents, and perspectives provided by volunteers. These unique insights are important to the relevance and sustainability of an organization”(pg. 5). Finally, “volunteer involvement provides individuals a way to participate in causes they care about and build meaningful relationships with other community members” (pg. 5).

During COVID-19, organizations have quickly adapted to support the needs of their community. Shifts in operations and programming have become almost necessary, especially in regard to the roles of volunteers. As a result of such shifts, it has become imperative to invest in volunteer strategy. We hope that by better understanding the importance of volunteer involvement, organizations will be inspired to thoroughly invest in volunteer strategy.

In an article titled “An Open Letter to Decision-Makers in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic,”The National Alliance of Volunteer Engagement explains “It is easy to overlook the strategic impact your volunteer Board of Directors, committees, donors and helpers offer your organization and its mission. Now is the time to invest in your organization’s volunteer engagement leadership and the teams they guide. Partner with funders to elevate their understanding and support of strategic investment in your organization’s volunteer engagement strategy.”

Although volunteering has taken different forms, such as at home or virtual opportunities, the role of these individuals is just as important. Volunteers have dedicated time and effort to helping organizations and their community, why not take the time to invest in volunteers! As mentioned in the previous blog, we hope this becomes a platform of communication and support. If you have a story, resource, or question about either volunteer involvement or investing in strategy, please share below!

For more information on resources to expand your Volunteer Strategy, visit our website!

Trainings and Activities

Service Enterprise

Corporate/Group Volunteering

Corporate Social Responsibility

Article Sources:

Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement

“An Open Letter to Decision-Makers in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic”

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