COVID-19 Article 3: Communicating with Volunteers

Communicating with Volunteers

Article 3, COVID-19 Blog Series

by: Amanda Mckee, Spark the Change Colorado.

As regulations have shifted from one week to the next, flexibility has become important for organizations. Plans have clearly changed and communicating frequently with volunteers has been essential.

In the article “An Open Letter to Decision-Makers in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic,” The National Alliance of Volunteer Engagement emphasizes the importance of communicating with your volunteers. The article states “Keep those who serve through your organization close by sharing ongoing, strategic, mission-aligned communication. Doing so is essential to keeping your volunteers engaged. Nurture relationships in meaningful ways that resonate with your volunteers as community change agents.”

We would love to hear the creative ways you have kept in contact with volunteers. You can share your ideas in the comments below. We have put together a list of tools for you here:

· Regularly contact your volunteers. While all your spots may be full right now, the future could change. It is important volunteers hear from you, even if it’s that you can’t use them at the moment.

· Update your volunteer needs frequently. Continue to revise the volunteer roles needed for your organization.

· Plan. We know it may be difficult to predict the future, but more communication with volunteers is better than none. Keep the volunteers posted with any information.

· Consider the long term. These volunteers are not for this current moment. They are part of your future. They will help you achieve your mission and work. Volunteers could be new donors, your next hire, or your next board member.

· Think creatively. Start using volunteers in new capacities. Have a volunteer be the one to reach out to volunteers who express interest in your organization.

· Use social media as a tool to communicate the volunteer opportunities available.

· Create a media campaign for a volunteering event.

· Promote your volunteer opportunities on other platforms. Sign up to be a part of the Colorado Responds Newsletters!

Volunteers are eager to help your organization. Prior to helping, volunteers must learn about the opportunities available. Ensuring communications are up-to-date not only benefits the organization, volunteers also feel valued and appreciated!

If you are interested in promoting you volunteer opportunities in the Colorado Responds Newsletters, sign up here.


“An Open Letter to Decision-Makers in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic”

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