COVID-19 Article 5: Valuing Your Volunteers

COVID- 19 Blog Series: Article 5

Valuing Your Volunteers

BY: AMANDA MCKEE, Spark the Change Colorado

Volunteers are an extremely valuable asset. During difficult times, such as the past few months, volunteers can provide solutions to unsolved questions or problems. The National Alliance for Volunteer Engagements emphasizes how organizations should leverage volunteer talent and ideas, especially when presented with new challenges.

To ensure they continue to share talents and ideas, volunteers want to feel valued and recognized. Whether volunteering from home or at your organizations, let them know their efforts are deeply appreciated. Below are just a few ideas (“Volunteer Appreciation-How To Make Your Volunteers Feel Valued”).

1. Match tasks with skills: Volunteers should feel engaged and excited for what they are doing.

2. Let your volunteers know they make a difference: Show volunteers the impact they have made in their community.

3. Trust your volunteers: Give volunteers meaningful tasks. Recognize their time and effort.

4. Actively listen to volunteers: When giving feedback or sharing new ideas, show volunteers they are heard and their opinions are important.

5. Express gratitude: Organizations can thank volunteers in both formal and informal ways. This could be done through weekly newsletters or even hand-written thank you cards.

While this list is certainly not comprehensive, we hope this blog post acts as a catalyst for innovative volunteer appreciation. If your organization has any unique ways to show appreciation towards volunteers, please leave a reply below. These past few months have been difficult for many. An authentic thank you could make a volunteer’s whole day!


“An Open Letter to Decision-Makers in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic”

“Volunteer Appreciation-How To Make Your Volunteers Feel Valued”

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