COVID-19 Article 6: Engaging Volunteers During the Summer

Engaging Volunteers During the Summer

As the summer takes shape, organizations may be seeing a decrease in volunteer engagement. The warmer weather, opportunity for travel, and no school could all result in lower numbers. There is still a great need for volunteers however, especially during the difficult times we are facing as a society. We have a few tips on how to engage volunteers through the next few months!

1. Offer a variety of volunteer roles. During the summer, individuals may be more eager to try new volunteer opportunities. Organizations should consider offering flexible scheduling with numerous time slots. Additionally, continue to offer at home volunteer opportunities, depending upon the comfort level of volunteers.

2. Ask volunteers for advice. Individuals may have fresh ideas, or important feedback regarding their personal experience volunteering with your organization.

3. Host a volunteering event. Create a fun event, specific to summer and your current need. Follow all safety guidance from state and local public health agencies.

4. Use social media as a tool. Create a marketing campaign specific to the summer months.

5. Consider reaching out to high school students. If your organization offers youth volunteer opportunities, this may provide a great way to engage more volunteers. High school students may be interested in finding a new activity or fulfilling volunteer hours.

6. Create a team environment between staff and volunteers. Summer provides individuals with a chance to be more social. While ensuring current safety guidance is implemented, find ways for volunteers to engage with others. This could include inviting volunteers to meetings or even creating a volunteer outing.

7. Let volunteers know they make a positive impact. Share stories and demonstrate the way volunteers are helping fulfill the mission of your organization. Social media is a great tool to share such stories.

8. Continue to show your appreciation. Even when engagement is slower, show the volunteers you value their time and effort. For more ideas, follow this link for our blog post regarding valuing your volunteers.

Don’t let the volunteer summer slump prevent you from achieving your mission. Think creatively and trust that volunteer engagement will increase eventually. If your organization has created any unique ways to engage volunteers, specifically June through August, please share below in the comments!


“How To Prevent the Volunteer Summer Slump”

“4 tips to avoiding the summer volunteer slump”

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