Let’s Talk!: Initiating an Inclusive Conversation About Mental Health


Let’s Talk Colorado was launched by a State Innovation Model grant from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. The purpose of the funding is to improve the health of Coloradans by providing access to physical and behavioral health care.

The goal of the Let’s Talk Colorado media campaign is to initiate an inclusive conversation. All Coloradans benefit when we learn to discuss our mental health, and those of us who need treatment are more likely to seek it when we all agree that mental health is everyone’s responsibility.

We all experience challenges to our mental health; the first step we can all take to feeling better is to talk to someone about it. It’s our shared responsibility to check in on one another when we think someone we know is hurting and needs to talk about what they are feeling.

Reaching out and talking with someone you trust is especially important to maintain positive mental health during a time when we are physically apart from one another. As we face uncertainty and change, we can take care of ourselves and each other by talking about how we feel.

Why Creating a Dialogue is So Important:

  1. We need personal connection and physical distance to be healthy. Talking to someone we trust keeps our mind healthy just as physical distancing keeps our bodies healthy. Calling, texting, video conferencing or messaging a friend or loved one can help you both feel better.
  2. We are not alone. This is affecting the way each of us feels, thinks and behaves – we are all afraid, anxious and overwhelmed at times, and that’s normal. We face uncertainty about how it will change our lives, and how long these changes will last, but it will end. The better we support each other, the healthier we will feel as we go forward.
  3. Help is there when we need it. We can all take steps to feel better. The first thing we can all do is talk to someone when we feel out of balance or overwhelmed. We can also call our doctor and explore tele-health options or find other low-cost, even free ways to obtain support. Everyone needs help from time to time and none of us should try to go it alone.
  4. We are all connected, and we will get through this together. We all rely on each other. From grocery store workers to healthcare providers to those of us staying at home, we all play our part. Talking, and listening, to each other is something we can all do to support our families, friends, neighbors and others we care about.
  5. We need to be kind to ourselves. We may lose our temper, be forgetful and let chores or responsibilities slide. None of us will be as productive or organized as we would be otherwise, and we won’t be able to maintain a positive attitude all the time. We need to be as realistic, fair and gentle with ourselves as we hope others would be to us.
  6. Our feelings matter. We may not be on the “front lines” like healthcare workers or first responders, but our grief, sadness and other feelings are all valid. Comparing our pain to anyone else’s will not help us, or them. We need to treat everyone with kindness and empathy, including ourselves.

We’re all dealing with stress, worry and other powerful thoughts and feelings during this time. Talking to people we know about how we’re feeling keeps our minds healthy, just as physical distancing keeps our bodies healthy. Calling, texting, video conferencing or messaging the people in our lives can help us all feel better.

Start the conversation with people you know. Go to LetsTalkCO.org to learn more.



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