Member Spotlight! Extreme Community Makeover: Neighbor to Neighbor Club


Extreme Community Makeover

Neighbor to Neighbor Club

We strive to make deep connections within our neighborhoods while keeping the Work Day experience at a high level for volunteers and residents. In order to do this we have a support club to guarantee that Extreme Community Makeover provides the experience volunteers expect and the service our Denver neighbors deserve.


This year

In spite of the pandemic, Extreme Community Makeover has continued to serve our Denver neighbors who can use an extra set of helping hands. Even though we can only be in groups of ten people or less, we are still able to show up and “do wonderful work in the community” according to one resident we worked with recently. Another resident said “ECM helps many of us who are not physically able to do things to our property that needed to be done for a long time.”


To continue this meaningful work in Denver neighborhoods, will you join the Neighbor to Neighbor Club today? The amount you can contribute makes a difference toward reaching our goal. Thank you!

Join The Club!

Way to Give:

Adopt A Volunteer

$10 per month provides a volunteer at a low cost to our neighborhoods while keeping the experience at a high level.

Adopt A Neighbor

$20 per month provides needed services to our neighbors allowing us to asses their needs and facilitate projects.

Adopt A Home

$35 per month provides basic home repair services providing a boost to our neighbors and increasing home values in our communities.

Adopt An Alley

$50 per month provides alley clean-up days in our communities creating safer places for our kids and creating connection points with our neighbors.

Adopt A Block

$100 per month allows us to organize neighborhood Work Days that facilitate projects, organize resources, meet with neighbors and revitalize blocks.

Adopt A Community

$250 per month gives us the ability to identify leaders and collaborate with community connectors and resources in our neighborhoods.


Visit the Extreme Community Makeover website today to learn more!

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