Member Spotlight: A Precious Child


A Precious Child: Maintaining Service Enterprise Certification

Spark the Change Colorado is excited to share the first Colorado organization to maintain certification as a Service Enterprise! A Precious Child, located in Broomfield, completed the various steps to maintain certification, successfully demonstrating their deep commitment to volunteer engagement. Their passion for volunteers and involvement in their community is an exemplary model for all the great work being done by nonprofits in Colorado.

Service Enterprise is a program through Points of Light (POL). POL broadly defines the program as “a change management approach that helps organizations more effectively leverage volunteers and their skills, increasing the return on volunteer investment to meet their missions.” Moreover, organizations going through certification benefit from a wide variety of resources. This includes access to a research based program to transform organizations into one of the top 11 percent of nonprofits in volunteer management and organization performance, a diagnostic evaluation of current volunteer engagement practices and tailored recommendations for improvement, extensive training and coaching focused on change management and volunteer engagement strategies, access to volunteer engagement networks and resources, and finally increased capacity to power one’s organization.

In order to retain their status, organizations must complete the re-certification process every three years. During their journey to uphold this prestigious certification, organizations must demonstrate a commitment to key characteristics defined by POL. Namely, organizations are empowered to demonstrate the ways in which Service Enterprise has become fully embedded into their culture and programming.

A Precious Child completed their original certification in 2017 and began the re-certification process this summer (2020). The mission of A Precious Child is to “provide children in need with opportunities and resources to empower them to achieve their full potential.” Members of their team, specifically those most involved with volunteer management, shared the ways their organization has integrated Service Enterprise into the various levels of their organization in order to help achieve their mission.

At this time, A Precious Child has implemented volunteer management and volunteer training into each department; training has been tailored to meet the needs of each department. There is an infectious passion for volunteers at A Precious Child. The organization developed programs to show appreciation for their volunteers, even nominating a volunteer for “Denver7 Everyday Hero Award”! Additionally, A Precious Child has continued to grow their volunteer base by way of expanding outreach to the community. For example, the organization has grown partnerships with local schools and universities. Technology has been a beneficial tool to interact with community members and social media has provided a way to show appreciation for their volunteers as well.

One aspect of being a Service Enterprise is continuous growth. Since their original certification, A Precious Child has expanded budgeting efforts, revealing their sustained commitment to their certification and volunteer management. COVID-19 has brought additional challenges and required A Precious Child to think creatively. For example, A Precious Child has shifted their volunteer orientation to online to show-case volunteer tasks.

Help us congratulate A Precious Child for maintaining their certification as a Service Enterprise! They have taken great efforts to embed the practices and values of this initiative into the various levels of their organization. Thank you, A Precious Child, for your continued dedication to volunteers and helping your community. We can’t wait to see all your organization accomplishes in the next few years!

If you are interested in learning about more about Service Enterprise, specifically through Spark the Change Colorado, follow the link here.

To learn more about A Precious Child and discover the volunteer opportunities available, head to their website.

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