Spark the Change Colorado: Keeping Colorado Communities Connected

Spark the Change Colorado is the leading Colorado agency in times of disaster, including pandemics. During this COVID 19 crisis, Spark ignited service by connecting volunteers to nonprofit organizations responding to and serving unprecedented needs. It is our mission to be nimble and able to respond, regardless of whether we know when, where or how the next disaster will happen.

During this pandemic, we were able to:

  • Recruit and register over 15,000 volunteers in the Colorado Responds system
  • Support women experiencing homelessness in auxiliary shelters – watch this video
  • Create a Kind Connections program to address isolation, anxiety and depression – watch this video
  • Morph our Senior Companions into Virtual Companions with technology so that they could connect with older adults who were vulnerable to the Coronavirus

At Spark the Change, our main focus is on creating stronger, more resilient, connected and equitable communities through the Power of Volunteerism. Are you a Changemaker in your community? Get involved today by volunteering or donating! Your gift can be directed to one of our Programs or remain unrestricted, allowing our board to place your gift where needed most.

Donate Here and decide where your gift will go!

  • General Operating
  • Empowering Aging
  • Mental Wellness Program- General
  • Mental Wellness Program- Pueblo
  • Harvest Pack

For more information on these services and more, visit our website!

Interested in donating your time instead?

To find volunteer opportunities near you, visit our website!

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