Member Spotlight: All-Stars Club


The All-Stars Club was created to offer individuals with developmental disabilities incredibly fun and engaging events all while providing their parents and caregivers with a few hours of rest. Our events are hosted in partnership with local churches and include sports and activities, crafts and coloring projects, and the ever-so-popular karaoke performances. No doubt the All-Stars Club is the greatest party in town! Volunteers who sign up to join us, serve as 1on1 buddies to our All-Stars and help facilitate an unforgettable experience. Our All-Stars constantly tell us that these 1on1 bonds made with their buddies is by far their most treasured aspect of these events. We are currently in two locations (Lakewood & Littleton) and will be growing to two more locations (Aurora & Northglenn) this Fall.

Challenges During COVID-19:

Obviously in person connections with our All-Stars are the bread and butter of our programs, so Covid posed an extremely difficult challenge for us to continue serving our All-Stars with impactful events. We quickly transitioned to hosting virtual dance parties and talent shows, and although we are back to our in-person events, these virtual events were so much fun we continue to offer these today. We also hosted a couple socially distant, drive-through events for Christmas and our annual prom, which allowed us to see our All-Stars and shower them with gifts. Additionally, we developed our Teammates program which offered 1on1 respite care for several of our All-Stars who were in great need of that personal touch. We did this responsibly with some of our best volunteers and in the safety of our All-Stars’ homes.

Volunteer Opportunities:

We have opportunities for volunteers to get involved as volunteer buddies to match up with one of our All-Stars and help facilitate a fun experience. As a buddy you will help your all star in playing adaptive sports, making arts and craft projects, and cheering them on as they sing karaoke. This event not only allows our all-stars to have a blast, but gives their families a couple hours of rest – the impact your are making is immediate and tangible. Our volunteer buddies are the most critical element to these events as they make the night memorable for our all-stars. We do not require any experience to be a buddy as we will have experts on hand to help in any way. Your only job is to hang out with your All-Star and help them have a great time. To register as a buddy please visit

We also have a need for volunteers who have a medical background to serve on our Safety Team. Please visit our Specialty Event Role Volunteer page for details –

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