RSVP Meet the Managers!: Rosalie Marquez

Spark the Change Colorado is adding a new Volunteer Program, the AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program), to seven counties across Colorado! The counties are: Alamosa, Huerfano, Los Animas, Montezuma, Park, Jefferson, and Broomfield.

Since 1971, RSVP, one of the largest volunteer efforts in the nation for people 55 and over, has matched older adults who are willing to help with local organizations on the front lines of meeting community needs. Food insecurity will be the focus area of service in these seven counties.

To spotlight this exciting new program, we wanted to introduce you to the Team that’s making it happen!

Meet Rosalie Marquez

RSVP Las Animas County Manager

Rosalie Marquez, the new RSVP Manager for Las Animas County, is no stranger to Volunteer Engagement! She supervised the volunteer programs at Trinidad Correctional Facility, to include religious, art, music, grieving support, AA/NA, etc. In her time there, Rosalie was able to double the amount of volunteers! She also served as the liaison for the Special Olympics Law Enforcement division and Trinidad Correctional Facility.

She shares that this “was such a fun assignment because I was able to engage both staff and offenders in volunteer events that raised money for Special Olympics.” From food sales for the offender population, to taking part in Polar Plunges and Dodgeball tournaments for the staff, Rosalie was able to make connections and make things happen!

Rosalie has also worked with Artocade in the past, another fun organization she brought to the prison. With this project, three vehicles were painted, decorated and completed by offenders. The vehicles are driven in parades and go to events throughout Colorado (and other states) and not only represent Artocade, but also humanize the individuals who created the art on the vehicles. She has volunteered for the Colorado Criminal Justice Association and assisted with several of the training symposiums for Criminal Justice professionals. Her newest volunteer position is for the 3rd Judicial District as a volunteer mediator for Landlord/Tenant disputes and Small Claims.

She is very proud of her stellar mediation skills and happy to be using them for her community. She is also proud of her time working with the Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) and rising through the ranks of entry level Officer to Captain. During her time with CDOC, she received the “Correctional Excellence Award” for her ability to grow the Outreach Program and job fairs at Trinidad Correctional Facility into a very viable Reentry program that readied the offenders for release into society.

In her free time, Rosalie enjoys thrift-shopping for treasures, collecting marbles, and, more recently, dabbling a little bit in the arts with mixed media and photography! When asked what she’s most excited about with her new role, Rosalie shared, “I am most excited in being able to connect the amazing 55 and older folks we have here in Las Animas County with the fantastic organizations located throughout the county for volunteer opportunities!”

Welcome, Rosalie, from all of us at the Spark Team! We are so excited to have such an experienced and well-rounded individual join our team. We look forward to all the great work you will do supporting the community of Las Animas County!

Interested in Joining the Team?

We’re still hiring for an RSVP Manager in Broomfield County. Read the full job description here or contact Juli to apply!

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