Volunteer Spotlight: Sofia Webb, MSW, NLC

Sofia Webb, MSW, NLC–Mental Health Therapist
Volunteer MSW Supervisor in the Mental Wellness Program

Sofia Webb, MSW, NLC, is both a volunteer and a beneficiary of our Supervision Program, as an experienced MSW who is on her way to clinical licensure.

Sofia supervises 7 MSW interns at two agencies, Girl’s Inc. and Lutheran Family Services. In exchange for her service in the program, Sofia also receives clinical supervision through an experienced LCSW volunteer with the Mental Wellness Program. This is truly an example of paying it forward—a win-win for students, agencies, candidates, and supervisors!

Q: Why did you sign up for the Supervisor Program? 
A: I signed up for the Supervisor Program to build more connections within the mental health community of Colorado. It has also been an extremely beneficial opportunity to receive my own external supervision in exchange for the supervision I provide. External supervision can often be expensive- this is a wonderful program for professional development without the cost that often comes with it.

Q: What has your experience been like so far? 
A: My experience thus far has been very positive. Spark the Change staff are incredibly supportive and responsive whenever I have questions about programming. I’m receiving clinical supervision from a wonderful LCSW with years of clinical experience in Colorado. I’m also building incredible relationships with the students I supervise. 

Q: What would you say to others thinking about volunteering as supervisors? 
A: To those considering volunteering as supervisors, your service would be invaluable to licensure candidates and students in graduate mental health programs. Many of us need supervision but don’t have access to these resources due to limited available supervisors or inability to afford external supervision.

The Supervisor Program is currently in need of additional skilled volunteers, particularly MSWs and LCSWs. If interested, contact Supervision Manager, Kathryn Miller, at kmiller@sparkthechangecolorado.org for more information!

Learn more about The Mental Wellness Program on our website: https://www.sparkthechangecolorado.org/mental-health

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