Kickoff the Season of Giving

The countdown to Colorado Gives Day begins today!

     You can now schedule your donation for Spark the Change Colorado and it will count toward earning us a part of our $25,000 goal and the $1.265 million Colorado Gives Day Incentive Fund! All participating Colorado Gives Day nonprofits earn a percentage of the fund, so the more we raise, the more we get!

     As we get ready for the biggest giving day of the year, we reflect on the difficult times we’ve weathered together over the past two years. Despite these challenges, we are strong and remain committed to creating a stronger, more resilient, equitable, and connected Colorado.

     We’re asking you to join the movement of good this Colorado Gives Day to make a difference in the lives of Colorado Change Makers. For 24 hours on Tuesday, Dec. 7, Colorado comes together as a community, sharing stories and raising funds to help us and 3,000 other nonprofits continue our missions. Beginning today, you can schedule your donations for Co Gives Day.

     Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to Spark the Change Colorado to help. Help spread the word of our fundraiser across your social media using tools in the Ambassador Toolkit, or by talking with friends and family! You can even sign up to become one of our ambassadors and fundraise on our behalf by setting up a fundraising page on

     Your support and generosity of any kind is appreciated now more than ever. Join the Movement of Good by supporting Spark the Change Colorado on Colorado Gives Day!

How Can YOU Join in the Movement of Good?

  1. You can make a donation:  Schedule donations now at:
  2. You can volunteer:  By finding opportunities at:  
  3. You can become a member: Nonprofits can join our network of Change Makers at:
  4. You can learn more about us and our programs: By visiting  
  5. You can Join our Emailing Lists:  
  6. You can spread the word: Share our social posts, website link, and information about programs and why your friends and family should support Spark the Change Colorado. 

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