It’s the Season of Giving!: Join the Movement

November and December mark the impending end to the year and the beginning of the holiday season. Traditionally, this time is known as ‘The Season of Giving.’ To many, this means stocking up on gift cards, presents, and toys for friends and loved ones. It’s becoming much more common in recent years, however, for the Season of Giving to be a time to give back in your communities and around the world. Individuals choose to give for a lot of reasons; people give to causes that they feel passionate about, that have impacted them or loved ones personally, and many other reasons. As we make our way further into the Season of Giving, consider directing your gift to Spark the Change Colorado and making a difference in Colorado communities.

Give to Our Programs

Spark the Change Colorado provides a variety of volunteer-driven programs across the state that support a variety of causes. Learn a little about each of our programs and, if they align with your personal passions, consider allocating your gift!

  • Food Insecurity – Meal Packing:  The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in food insecurity, in some cases for families and individuals for the first time.  Spark partners with Harvest Pack to create nutritious meals for families at the lowest price possible.  Each meal costs just 25 cents because of the power of volunteers in the packaging process.  So far, we’ve packaged and donated a total of 454,960 meals! $1=4 meals to neighbors in need. With your help, anything is possible! 
    • Your dollars at work!  $25 = 100 meals | $100 = 400 meals | $1,000 = 4,000 meals | $5,000 = 20,000 meals   
    • Neighbors helping neighbors… It’s the Colorado way! Watch our website for food packaging events.  Volunteering + YOUR Donation will help families get through these challenging times.  
  • Mental Wellness Program:  Did you know that in 2019 15.3% of Coloradans reported poor mental health as compared to 11.9% in 2017?  61.1% of those individuals cited cost as the reason.  83% didn’t have insurance coverage.  Spark’s Mental Wellness Program connects VOLUNTEER licensed and insured mental health professionals to low-income Coloradans in need of counseling. In 2021, Spark’s Mental Wellness Program connected over 1,300 individuals to over 1,500 hours of free mental health services in their communities. Spark belonging, connection, and courage with our Mental Wellness Program:  
  • Empowering Aging – Senior Companion Program: Many of our most vulnerable people are aging at home.  The Senior Companion Program provides a spark of good energy to combat loneliness and ensure our older adults have their needs met. 26 Senior Companions provide service to over 200 older adults. As a particularly vulnerable population, our volunteers could no longer perform in person services during the pandemic.  With the help of technology, the program was able to go virtual! We were able to successfully connect 15 Companions with 15 clients, via iPads and Hot Spots.  We are so grateful for the perseverance, dedication, and willingness to adapt presented by our Senior Companions and their clients as we continue to recover through the COVID-19 pandemic.  Learn more here: 
  • Empowering Aging – Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)National Service creates local impact. In 2021, Spark the Change Colorado launched the Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) in 7 Colorado counties: Alamosa, Huerfano, Las Animas, Montezuma, Park, Jefferson, and Broomfield. RSVP, a program of AmeriCorps Seniors and one of the largest volunteer efforts in the nation for people 55 and over, matches older adults who are willing to help with local organizations on the front lines of meeting community needs. Spark’s county RSVP programs focus on Food Insecurity. RSVP is growing, sparking connections, engaging volunteers, and igniting collaborations across the state. Learn more about how to support and empower RSVP here: 
  • Community Engagement – Training, events, & nonprofit membership: At Spark the Change Colorado, we believe community, collaboration, and courage are driving forces for change. Our Community Engagement Department is dedicated to just that, providing opportunities for connection, education, and engagement across the state of Colorado. Whether it is supporting nonprofit Volunteer Programs with our Volunteer Engagement Training Program (VETP), Membership, Wish List, BoardMatch Connection, and Community Connection Series, or supporting community Change Makers with our Opportunity database, Intro to Board Service, Civic Circle Discussion Series, and Volunteer Guide, Community, Collaboration, and Courage are key! Visit our website to learn more about our various programs and services:  
  • Corporate Giving/Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) – CSR Solutions of Colorado: By empowering Colorado businesses of all sizes with the strategies and tools they need to give back in their communities, Corporate Social Responsibility is more accessible than ever. That’s where we come in! Spark the Change Colorado partners with Community Shares and B:CIVIC to provide CSR Solutions of Colorado. At CSR Solutions of Colorado, we align business purpose with employee need to build a better tomorrow. CSR Solutions of Colorado is committed to making Colorado a thriving place to live and work. Learn more about our service, The Civic 50 Colorado Initiative, and CSR work across the state:  

Ways to Give

Giving Tuesday is coming soon on November 31st, and it is quickly followed one week later by Colorado Gives Day on December 7th. Spark the Change Colorado has set a goal to raise $25,000 by the end of 2021 and Colorado Gives Day. Here are some ways you can get engaged and support Spark on our journey to our $25,000 goal:

  1. You can make a donation:
  1. You can volunteer:  
  1. You can become a member:  
  1. You can learn more about us and our programs: 
  1. You can Join our Emailing Lists:  
  1. You can schedule your gift or participate in real time in Colorado Gives Day:  
  1. You can spread the word: Share Spark’s social posts, blog posts, and updates to your network of friends and family to help spread the word and encourage more giving!

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