Meet Emily!: Empowering Aging Recruitment & Community Outreach Manager

Emily Garrigus, Empowering Aging Recruitment & Community Outreach Manager: “I am a natural born explorer and love sharing experiences with my daughter, my friends, and my four-legged Bestie!”

Emily Garrigus has recently joined the Spark team as Recruitment & Community Outreach Manager for our Empowering Aging Department! Emily is no stranger to nonprofits, having volunteered with several ranging from helping people & animals to tasks from construction to clean up. “I enjoy building a stronger community together!”

Emily was able to further enrich her knowledge of the administration side of nonprofit work while serving as a Starbucks Foundation Service Fellow with Points of Light. Her time as a service fellow enriched her skill set, allowing Emily to seamlessly shift to working professionally in the nonprofit sector. 

While Emily is well versed in nonprofit work, she is skilled in so many other exciting fields! She is certified in Dental Hygiene, a Certified Children’s Yoga Instructor, possesses a Bachelor of Arts in French- specializing in Global Affairs, and is an accomplished barista with emphasis in Community Engagement! If, somehow, that wasn’t enough to impress you, in her free time, she practices aerial yoga & dance, kick boxing, and skiing, and enjoys reading, and Indie films/international cinema! What a list of achievements and skills!

When asked what she looks forward to most in her new role, Emily shares, “I enjoy making connections with people in efforts to facilitate program awareness or continued outreach.  I’m most excited to be actively engaging in growing a program that is helping the most affected members of our community during this pandemic.”

Emily, we are truly SO luck to have you! It’s an honor to add your knowledge, skills, and expertise to our team and we look forward to all the amazing things you’ll do with the Empowering Aging team!

Learn more about Spark services & programs at:

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