GVM: Spark Solutions to Community Needs with RSVP

April is Global Volunteer Month! GVM is a time to celebrate the impact of nonprofits that harness the power of volunteers to tackle society’s greatest challenges, build stronger, more vibrant communities and take action that changes the world.

This especially resonates with us at Spark the Change Colorado, where our mission is to spark change and inspire a movement of good through the power of service, volunteerism, and civic engagement. We envision a world with stronger, more resilient, equitable, and connected communities, all thanks to the invigorating power of volunteers and changemakers like you!

There are so many innovative ways to Be the Spark and Join the Movement, and we at Spark are here to help you navigate your own civic engagement journey! Throughout GVM, we’ll be sharing about our own programs, recognizing some of our amazing volunteers, and highlighting the programs of other nonprofits across the state doing vital work for our communities! Follow along with our blog and socials or check out our website to learn more today!

RSVP: Retired & Senior Volunteer Program

Spark operates the Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP for short!) in 7 Colorado counties, including: Alamosa, Huerfano, Las Animas, Montezuma, Park, Jefferson, and Broomfield. A national service program of AmeriCorps Seniors, RSVP matches older adults who are willing to help with local organizations on the front lines of meeting community needs. Sparking solutions for food insecurity is the focus area of service for Spark’s RSVP counties.

What Does RSVP Do?

RSVP is Sparking Change in a variety of innovative and exciting ways! Our 7 RSVP managers are hard at work in their respective counties connecting nonprofits on the ground, doing the work that is needed most to RSVP volunteers ready to help! Interested in making an impact where you live? Here are just a few ways RSVP is Sparking Connections:

See all current RSVP opportunities on our website.

Ready to get engaged and make a lasting impact with RSVP?? Contact your county’s manager to get started.

A message from one of our RSVP Volunteers!:

Patty Rhodes of Broomfield County recently served as a volunteer at the RSVP Café in the Donation Distribution Center created to aid individuals and families affected by the December 31st Marshall Wildfire. She shared:

“As the Marshall Fire raged on, upending so many lives, I wondered how I could donate my time to help people recover from the disaster. When the Marshall Fire Distribution Center was set up, I knew this was it. And I haven’t regretted one minute of that decision — the Distribution Center is incredibly organized and staffed by volunteers whose end goal is to help make people whole again — just what I was looking for.”

“It’s been an amazing experience to meet and work alongside others of a like mind. And it’s been even more amazing to meet so many people who’ve used the services available there. Though the circumstances of why people are there are devastating, there’s a bright spot of seeing humanity in action. Serving others brings out the best in everyone. Every day is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit to survive and move forward. I’ll never forget that or the experience of being witness to it.” -Patty Rhodes

Thank you so much, Patty, and all the amazing RSVP Volunteers who have given their time, talent, and expertise to assist with Marshall Wildfire response and recovery!

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