Welcome Harper Goodman! Mental Wellness Coordinator

Harper Goodman, Mental Wellness Program Coordinator

Meet Harper Goodman! Harper has joined the Spark team as Mental Wellness Program Coordinator.

Harper’s nonprofit background began close to home. She spent numerous after-school hours growing up in her mother’s Family Services agency – providing support for families in title one schools, families of homicide victims, and parents in custodial battles. All while not realizing she was leading a life of service! Harper was shocked as a middle schooler to learn that she could count these hours as volunteer work. “I was just helping my mom, and loving the outcome of serving others.”

During her college internship at the Family Guidance Center of Birmingham, Alabama, she worked with unemployed fathers who were not paying child support, many of whom were incarcerated or at risk for incarceration. “I loved performing client intakes in the court room, this felt like such dream work.”

She’s also proud of the time she spent volunteering on the crisis line at Crisis Services of North Alabama. Harper witnessed the large gap in mental health services provided in her community, and the need for easier access. It shaped her career path and goals from then on out.  

After earning her Bachelor of Science in Community Health and Human Services at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Harper had difficulty finding nonprofit work. She was passionate about diversifying her experience with different demographics of people, so she took a job as a paraprofessional in a special education preschool class. Much of the last six years of Harper’s life has been devoted to work in early childhood and special education, in which she became certified as a Registered Behavior Therapist and Large Center Director Qualified in Early Childhood Education.

“I decided to move by myself from Alabama to Colorado almost two years ago. I’d never visited, but I followed my best friend here. I’ve never been more in love with my life, and it’s the best decision I’ve made thus far!” Luckily for Spark, Harper made her way to Colorado, where she recently connected with our Mental Wellness Program. Harper was the perfect fit for our Mental Wellness Coordinator position!

When asked what she’s most excited for in her new position, Harper shared, “Being a part of a change-making organization, getting back into nonprofit work, and fulfilling a large part of my life’s mission – to help others.”

In her free time, Harper loves exploring the landscapes of Colorado with her pup, Fletcher. “He is my favorite part of every day! On the weekends, I enjoy crafting of all sorts, and scoping out thrift stores.”

We are so lucky to have you, Harper, and look forward to all the amazing work you’ll do Sparking Change in the Mental Wellness Program!

Learn more about the program, open staff positions, how to volunteer, or how to access services with Spark’s Mental Wellness Program! >>>

Spark the Change Colorado

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