Meet CASA of the Continental Divide!

Did you know at Spark the Change Colorado, we engage nonprofits across the state as members? Spark membership fosters more direct connections with volunteers to build a strong foundation for recruitment and visibility, so that Colorado volunteer programs are the best that it can be!

April is also Global Volunteer Month, a time to recognize those who are civically engaged and make an impact in their communities. While we often take this opportunity to recognize and thank our dedicated volunteers, we’d also like to spotlight the amazing work of the organizations who engage and support those volunteers every single day! CASA of the Continental Divide is one of those organizations on the front lines, working to solve community needs.

CASA of the Continental Divide guides volunteer advocates who ensure a child’s safety, best interest and well-being are at the forefront of legal proceedings. At CASA, they envision a world where all children and families will thrive.

CASA of the Continental Divide recruits, trains and supervises stable, supportive adults who form relationships with youth going through a difficult life circumstance. Their volunteers are the cornerstone of the organization and really get to know children and families. They then report back to the court on what is in the best interests of a child.

CASA has two avenues for you to advocate for children in your community. In Dependency and Neglect Cases, the family is in court due to their actions and the risk it presents to the well-being of the child. The judge appoints CASA to the case and the Program Coordinator appoints a volunteer. The advocate will meet with the child and the parent(s)/care giver to gain knowledge of the child and their life situation. They submit reports to the judge, attend court, and speak on behalf of the child for their best interests to be in a safe and permanent home. CASA volunteers make a direct impact in the lives of the children and families they serve.

Truancy is a symptom of something occurring in a child’s life. School attendance is mandated by law within the State of Colorado. When the school has been unsuccessful at correcting attendance the Judge appoints a Truancy CASA to assist both the courts and the families to acquire school attendance and school success.

CASA supports amazing, volunteer-driven work in Colorado communities. We asked CASA if they had a mascot for their organization, what would it be? Janine Mariani, Co-Executive Director of Programs, shared, “A superhero, because every child deserves a hero who looks like them.” Then we asked, what superpower would they have? Janine said, “The ability to read minds and find people committed and passionate about children and families!”

Are YOU passionate about children and families? Unfortunately, we can’t read your mind, but if you reach out to CASA of the Continental Divide you can take the first step in turning that passion into action! Reach out today to start your journey as a CASA Advocate and begin making a compassionate impact in your local community.

Sign up for volunteer opportunities with CASA of the Continental Divide on Get Connected, visit their website, or contact Janine today to learn more about how you can engage and spark change!

Janine Mariani,, 970-400-7430

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