Sparking Change: Shelter Volunteering During COVID-19


Spark the Change Colorado is dedicated to providing a robust volunteer program to support our communities experiencing homelessness. We have partnered with the City of Denver to provide much needed services and safe environments during the COVID-19 pandemic. Auxiliary shelters in the Denver area are offering 24 hour locations so folks can get screened, properly social distance, wash hands regularly, take showers and more!

In June, Spark the Change Colorado had 25 volunteers provide more than 500 hours of service. This included helping to set up temporary locations, deactivating locations that are moving, serving meals, having laundry cleaned as well as mental health professionals on site and case managers providing resources. Skilled medical volunteers are also on site to help the guests in need. We are proud to be a positive part of bringing services and dignity to people experiencing homelessness through our valued volunteers.


We love to bring our amazing volunteers on as staff members when possible. Natalie White quickly became an predominant part of the Women’s Shelter’s day-to-day needs. She started as a Friendly Volunteer with Spark the Change Colorado in the beginning of June and became our On Site Volunteer Coordinator soon after. She is a leader in empowering changemakers and igniting service!

Natalie began working with people experiencing homelessness through Street Soccer USA in 2009-2010 and had been looking for a way to get involved again, so working at the Women’s Shelter has been a great fit and learning opportunity! Outside of the shelter, you can find Natalie reading, cooking, running, biking, doing yoga, and [in times where travel is appropriate] scuba diving.

Want to Get Involved?

If you are interested in becoming a part of our dedicated shelter volunteer team, work alongside Natalie, and make a difference in the community, there are many ways to engage. Please take a look at our “Shelter Volunteer Opportunities” here.

50 Volunteers Needed in August!

Changemakers needed to Spark some good! The City of Denver has been using the National Western Complex as an emergency men’s shelter since March to provide a safe location for men experiencing homelessness.  In August, we will need volunteers to help deactivate the shelter.  The men will be moved to another location more conducive to their needs. A professional cleaning team will completely disinfect the building before the deactivation process.

This will be a labor intensive project, lifting cots, tables, chairs and more as well as walking, standing and climbing stairs.  Please click on the link below to sign up for a shift. Invite your friends, family and neighbors as this will be a great team building project while helping our community thrive!

Sign Up for a Shift in August *

*link updated 7/17/2020

This Saturday, 7/25/2020

We will be getting the Roadway Inn and Suites cleaned up, and organized for the women to relocate in August. We will be there from 10am-3pm and are asking volunteers to come and join us! This will be a great way to get to know the new location for the women currently at the Coliseum. Click this link to sign up! 


For other volunteer opportunities near you, visit

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