RSVP Station Spotlight: The Refuge

As AmeriCorps Week 2023 comes to a close, we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight our RSVP program partner doing amazing work in Broomfield, Colorado!

In 2021, The Refuge became one of the first RSVP Stations in Broomfield, and the partnership has been a true gift. We currently have 5 active RSVP volunteers on-site at The Refuge. The Refuge is a one-of-a-kind community space with open doors for all people.

“A hub for healing community, social action, and creative collaboration, The Refuge is deeply dedicated to centering those who fall through the cracks of life and faith, living out our shared values in tangible ways, non-hierarchical team leadership, and collaborating with community partners because we are always better together. Our core values – presence, engagement, welcome, transformation, creativity, and celebration – are central to our community’s life and mission.”

Acting as a dynamic resource, The Refuge supports the community through a variety of innovative programs that meet real needs, including: Refuge Café, Refuge Kids, Single Moms Unite, Social Justice and Creation Care, Advocates Learning Lab, Finances, Recovery, Contemplative Arts, Spiritual Formation Sundays, Refuge Reads, #dogchurch, #NatureHeals, 12 Steps for Anti-Racism Work, Refuge Rainbow Queer Support, and the Broomfield Cares Mobile Outreach Team.

Above all, The Refuge makes a meaningful difference in community by centering family, friendship, belonging, safety, and hope. As founder, Kathy Escobar, says, “The Refuge is a safe, brave space to heal, practice love, and be loved.” A Hub for Healing Community, Social Action, and Creative Collaboration since 2006 Spark the Change thanks all who work, volunteer, share, and grow at The Refuge for sparking belonging, hope, and change!

Interested in becoming a Volunteer Station with RSVP? Learn more!


We asked folks, “What does The Refuge mean to you?” And they shared:

“It’s a safe place to come and be who you are. Place of security. So much love here. Love all the people here”

“It’s a blessing to me. A lifeline to the community. The love I get from all the associates and Kathy. The love I can give.” -Betty Avera

“The only private shower I have access to as a non-binary, homeless individual. Every gym ends up having members overly concerned with my hygiene and the clothes I wear.”

“An amazing place. Great people are working there. I really appreciate what The Refuge does for people. Ladies are very friendly and helpful. Thank you! -Zhenna

“It gives me a purpose in life.” -Lori

“A lot of help!” -Teresa Williams

“I was out on the streets feeling hopeless for my future until I met Randy. He told me to go there. I’m so thankful I don’t feel alone or hopeless anymore.” -Leah Jinnin

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